Forgings Valves
Castings Pipes
Machined Parts Fittings
Heat Treatment
For Normalising and Annealing
Max. Weight 15 MT/pc
Max. Length 6 m
For Hardening and Tempering
Max. Weight 15 MT/pc
Max. Length 3 m
For Sorbitising
Max. Weight 1.5 MT/pc
Max. Dia 1200 mm
For Flame Hardening
Max. Weight 1.2 MT/pc
Max. Dia 1200 mm
Closed Die Forging
Forging Press 4400 MT
Forging Hammer up to 8 MT
Products i.e.
Railway Gears, Gear Blanks, Rings, Roch Drills and Mining Tools, Oil field Equipment, Valve bodies, Casing Heads, Flanges, Spindles, Body Spools etc.
Open Die Forging
Forging Process up to 11 MT
Max. Weight 3500 kgs/pc
Max. Dia / OD 2500 mm
Max. Length 4500 mm
Products i.e.
Rings, Discs, Sleeves, Hubs, Plates, Upset Blocks, Hook Blocks, Snatch Blocks, Crank Shafts, Trunions, Gears, Pinion Rings, Rotor Shafts, PistonRods, Square or Rectangular Bars, Round Bars etc.

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