You can get the benefits of outsourcing without months of efforts.

It is common practice that procurement savings start with sourcing. But due to lack of time and money, savings are often missed because companies are forced to focus their efforts only on the largest and most strategic buying categories. Some products are never sourced at all, although in most cases strategic less important products offer significant savings.

Benco is well experienced to identify these types of products. We can help you determine the best savings opportunities. Benco has access to preferred ISO 9000 suppliers all over the world and in particular in Asia. Through our own offices in Europe, India and USA we are able to provide you with a competitive offer as soon as concerned products are identified in less time you could ever imagine.

Start your procurement savings right now by contacting us.

After one meeting, usually within one week after your call, in The Netherlands and two weeks outside of The Netherlands, you will have a clear idea about your opportunities of saving money with reliable quality manufacturers.