BENCO BV is a privately owned business, located in The Netherlands with offices throughout the world. The company is specialized in providing complete outsource solutions for high quality products. Our aim is to build and maintain a solid and long-term relationship with our clients.

Experienced Staff
We have experienced Manufacturing Specialists, inside and outside sales staff in our office in the Netherlands. In our office in India we have an excellent specialist in metallurgy and our own inspectors for the quality control of manufacturing.
We are in direct communication with our office in India and our other suppliers on a daily basis to ensure your required quality and your desired time of delivery.

Added Value
Our greatest strength, undoubtedly is our knowledge of dealing with Indian and other Asian manufacturers. Regardless of the type of product, we are able to meet the most stringent specifications. We add value to our products through management, logistics, manufacturing operations and customised services. Benco works in close co-operation with our clients to find the best solution and benefits for your particular application. Our customers can rely on our experience, quality and service. Distribution, export packaging, documentation and rush deliveries are part of our operations.

Industries we serve:

Aerospace technology
Chemical Industry
Civil Engineering
Control Engineering
Food Technology
Information & Telecommunication technology
Machinery & Equipment
Medical & Health Technologies
Oil & Gas Exploration/Distribution
Petrochemical Industry
Precision & Optimal Instruments
Pump System Technology
Renewable Energy Technologies
Seismic Acquisition
Sustainable Technologies
Transport & Automotive Industry
Water & Energy
Yacht & Shipbuilding